I’ve been thinking about this post for weeks. Mulling the past year in my mind and willing the words to write themselves onto a piece of paper. We’re in the midst of that sleepy time of year. January arrived so quickly, surpassing Christmas as if the race to begin again was one of desperation.

You will hear people tell you the opportunity to start fresh can come at any time. That January is no excuse for new resolutions, or beginning attempts at change. And while this is true, there is something reassuring about the birth of a new year. January is always a promising month. Of new life, dreams, and new hope.

This year was… full. Full of love, joy, heartache and grace. Of sorrow bliss, acrimony, and passion.

January is fresh, and new.

Whatever your 2016 was I hope your January brings even a sliver of hope to your life.

I took the time to fill in my agenda for 2017 with small words of encouragement, some positive quotes, and a few of my favourites. I don’t usually make resolutions, I am stubborn to a fault, but this year I’m going to focus on gratitude an positivity as much as I’m able.

Our business is going to be taking some risks, and jumping into dreams. We are going to be focusing on growth in numerous ways. I am anxious and excited to put our plans into action, and I hope to share them with all of you.

These images are some of my personal favourites from 2016, there were so many… yet not enough. I feel extremely grateful I’m able to document even a snippet of our lives, I hope these images will spark a small memory in my children when they look at them, as they do for myself.

Happy New Year, friends.